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Feeling stung by a wasp problem or wasp infestation?

You’re not alone.

Active from early Spring right through to Autumn, these yellow and black striped insects are notorious for their aggressive nature and painful stings which can trigger nasty reactions in those unfortunate enough to be allergic to them.

While having some wasps around can help control the population of other pests in your garden, an infestation of them can put a dampener on summer BBQs at your home and prove to be a real nuisance for customers on your premises, particularly if there’s a nest nearby; you’ll usually find these located under trees or bushes, in wall cavities, sheds, garages and lofts (to name just a few possibilities).

Though the thought of tackling the occasional wasp or two may not faze some people, these pests are capable of emitting pheromones which act like a distress signal to the rest of the nest, meaning ‘one or two’ can rapidly escalate to a swarm if you try to swat them. Since every female wasp can (and definitely will) sting you multiple times in a row and receiving just 30 of those stings can prove fatal, the BPCA advises the best way to keep yourself, your family, friends and employees safe is to get a professional pest control company involved to combat the problem; like us.

Our Cambridge and Bedfordshire-based team of experts has all the necessary access equipment, tools and protective gear needed to remove infestations and nests quickly, safely, and permanently, making us the perfect solution to your wasp problem whether it be big or small. Our friendly pest control operatives will arm you with the knowledge to spot potential nests and help you put measures in place to deter future infestations; prevention is better than cure, after all!

Just give us a call on 01480 274 848 or visit our Contact Us page, and together we can create a pest control solution that works for you.

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Tel: 01480 274848 | Email: info@hamptonspestcontrol.co.uk

Contact one of our experts today for a no-obligation quote!
Tel: 01480 274848
Email: info@hamptonspestcontrol.co.uk

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