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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

We’ve all heard the saying “good night, sleep tight… don’t let the bed bugs bite”, but what happens when they do?

At around 6mm long fully-grown, these tiny, vampiric insects are often hard to spot with the naked eye; for most people, the first sign of an infestation comes in the form of red, itchy bites, or small brown specks on mattresses and bed frames. While bed bugs can be found in many types of properties, they’re most prevalent in places where there are lots of people coming and going (think blocks of flats, hotels and the like) that can act as their source food, spreading from place to place in your luggage, furniture, and other personal possessions.

Although bed bugs aren’t known to carry diseases and spread infections, some people can have some unpleasant reactions to their bites and, since it’s suspected that the creatures have developed a tolerance to common household pesticides, it can be hard to get rid of them once an infestation of bed bugs takes hold.

While you can take some steps to try to eradicate bed bugs from your clothing – such as a hot cycle in your washing machine or a professional dry-clean – it’s important you act quickly and call in an experienced pest control company like us to stop those bed bugs from contaminating even more of your property.

All of our pest control agents are BPCA certified and have the expertise and products that can eliminate bed bugs from your home or business and give you the knowledge you’ll need to minimise your exposure to the risks of further infestations.

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Tel: 01480 274848 | Email: info@hamptonspestcontrol.co.uk

Contact one of our experts today for a no-obligation quote!
Tel: 01480 274848
Email: info@hamptonspestcontrol.co.uk

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